I don’t write to be famous, I don’t write to be known, I write because I am and I want to be read. How sad to fill a room with paintings no one sees or play music no one hears. Writing is talking without sound, singing without score and dancing without movement and yet, it is all of them. It is a solitary art conjured from thought and expressed by the need to communicate.

HEAD SLAPS, SPEED BUMPS and LIGHTBULBS, one woman's WTF, oops and ah-ha moments of life.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mama Mia

My buddy Dave
For the last two weeks I have either been preparing for, actually in, or recovering from, a ten day trip to Italy. The entire adventure has been beyond awesome. From the overseas flights, to and from Italy, to the utter pleasure of the beautiful countryside and cities, plus the intense madness of Italian roads, it’s been great. But it’s over, we’re home, recovering from the time change and getting things back to normal. I never thought a bowl of Cheerios just before bed, after being up nineteen hours, and crossing six time zones, could taste so good.
I haven’t touched my novel, read any writing blogs or even thought about the written word for fourteen days. Though I thought I’d take trip-notes, I did not; too tired and wound, from site seeing and eating. Barely even thought of my column either. As wonderful as this vacation from the everyday has been for my body, the much needed break from writing has been a godsend.

But now, with renewed effort I’m anxious to finish my novel and to plunge again into what we called in the sixties, “the groove”.

I am astounded by how wonderful it is to get back to that which I was so anxious to leave. The world is a wondrous place but home is truly where my heart belongs.

When was the last time you got to take a break?


  1. Welcome back! So glad you had a wonderful time away. And came back refreshed. I'm looking forward to a week off in October.

    1. October, what a wonderful time of year to take time off. Enjoy ! It's just so wonderful to step away from the everyday.

  2. Really glad you're back and I'm also glad you had a great trip! Ha, I get that same feeling of relief to be home when I simply go down the road to visit family for the day. :)

    I do love my routine though...such as it is.

    1. I am the definition of "stick-in-the-mud". Love my routine, love my home. If it wasn't for the need of food and toilet paper I'd probable never leave.
      Going so far away was huge for my husband. It's his families homeland which made it all the better. My homeland ?? Right here.