I don’t write to be famous, I don’t write to be known, I write because I am and I want to be read. How sad to fill a room with paintings no one sees or play music no one hears. Writing is talking without sound, singing without score and dancing without movement and yet, it is all of them. It is a solitary art conjured from thought and expressed by the need to communicate.

HEAD SLAPS, SPEED BUMPS and LIGHTBULBS, one woman's WTF, oops and ah-ha moments of life.

They were published once, and as every writer knows, once is not enough.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I have had to prioritize.

Yup, still in the moving mode, my daughter just had a baby and I injured my knee pretty badly, which means, packing, baby and knee pain (while on feet 8 hours a day) have become my companions. Writing is so far down on the list that I feel as if a part of me has been ripped from my life. Just updating my blog today is a rush against schedule.

The only good part, sharing in the joy of a new life. That little baby puts everything in its proper place. Oh, and I can’t wait to move into a smaller, and all new-inside house and I got today off because of my knee. (Doctor’s orders). So, I guess things aren’t so bad after all.

See ya out and about and on the other side of moving.