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Monday, September 1, 2014


OMG how frustrating is this?

I have taken to heart agent comments regarding my memoir and implemented changes which I believe are needed as a result of (in-between the lines) tone. It’s ready (again) so I’m on to another round of querying. I’m being very selective, not using the spaghetti against the wall method. Here’s the frustrating part.
Last night I finally tracked down the agent representing one of my favorite authors. Her memoir is life changing. I’ve been on the agent’s site before but have shied away because I could not find an email address. If you don’t take email queries, I get it. But, if you state that you do, and give explicate directions in you submission guidelines as to how to submit, then please list an address. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. There are other agents in the agency and though I was directed to follow their guidelines if I wanted to submit to them…no email addresses for them either. Is this an oversight or a ploy?

I think I have read every interview and about half a dozen testimonials about how awesome this agent is and yet…hello, where are you. For two hours last night I searched and searched and got more frustrated. If you really DON’T want email queries that’s fine but if you say you do…then at least give me an address.

In life I have learned that when you have to work hard for something, that’s good, it makes you appreciate what you have. That which comes easily is diminished by effortless accessibility.  But sometimes when the walls morph high and wide and are made of brick, with no portals, not even a crack to peek through or a chink to pitch over the top, maybe, just maybe, what you are seeking is not meant for you.

Yup, this stage regarding the effort to get traditionally published is frustrating but with a product that has received some really good comments, I’m up for it. My sledge-hammer days are over. Where's my ladder? Has anybody seen my ladder? I'm not afraid of heights.


  1. That is ridiculous enough that frankly I'd get a serious taste of sour grapes, and lose interest in working with anyone who makes it so DIFFICULT. It's honestly stupid, because the only possible explanations are (a) they did this intentionally, and anyone who sets OUT to make things more troublesome for authors is nobody I wish to work with (entire agencies included). Or, (b) this is a complete oversight. Which means these people are morons.

    But I'm not bitter ... ... ... ;)

    1. Hard to believe, I know, but when doing all the research I found some of the agent's clients complimenting how quick to respond the agent is. Maybe it's me, maybe I AM missing something. Just what I need, something ELSE for me to feel stupid about. Actually the whole thing pisses me off.

  2. Not knowing what you've done..., dare I suggest Query Tracker? :) The site not only lists all 1,334 agents ([probably every stinking one in the U.S. of A.) but it tells their contact info. For example...I looked up The Bent Agency - and voila! email address for queries - a general one for the agency, but still, specifically for queries. Not saying this will be listed for the one you're trying to find...but...ya never know.

    1. I have used query tracker for years. I'm pretty good with web searches too, I can find your son-in-laws, uncle's, dog's name and when she was spade. BTW Jenny Bent is a class act.
      This particular agent will be a no-go which is a bit disheartening because the agent represents one of my all time favorite 'memoir' authors.
      A couple of years ago this agent only accepted snail mail submissions but the website now says email is okay.
      I don't have a problem with big brown envelopes, that's how I started, but at this point it just doesn't FEEL right. I'm sure I'm missing something so I'm moving on.
      I queried two more this weekend. One I absolutely love.
      Got feedback today from one of my readers. Lots of very positive comments. And what's funny, she pegged the issues I believed had to be changed.

  3. What a hassle! I hope you don't give up though! So exciting to hear of even more revisions...one step closer.

    1. Yup, one step closer, bobbing and weaving my way. I am very excited.