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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pretty in pink


We have fifty people coming tomorrow, our six month old granddaughter is getting baptized. It’s a special day for the family to celebrate the importance of faith and spirituality for this little one, a day to gather and thank God for her wonderful presence in our lives. I’m not a religious person but I am spiritual and I thank God every day for my ‘Capra’ wonderful life with this little girl in it.
Because I’m not a church goer I tried to come up with an appropriate gift, (other than we’re throwing this shindig), which is not stereotypically Christian, (I hear rumbles in the distance). So this is what I did.
Over the last year I have written three columns about the newest member of our family; when we found out my daughter was pregnant, the night of labor and impending birth and my first Mother’s Day as a grandmother. I framed each newspaper column with a photo and the date published. It took me four hours to frame them, (and I’m a crafty person), not because it was a difficult task but because I’m a dunce. Everything that could go wrong did. Anyway, I finally finished, while on the verge of tears of frustration, and they look amazing. It’s not a pro-frame job but they do look good.
When I look at my columns all dressed up like that, it lends a legitimacy to my efforts, makes my writing look important. Considering the subject matter, it sure as hell is. What’s funny about the whole thing is that framing them was harder than writing them.
I’d love to pontificate on the profundity of framing and displaying what we do, but like I said, I have fifty people coming tomorrow, so I must step away from the keyboard and tie on an apron. Ha…I don’t even own an apron.
God bless our little Sydney. Mimosas for everyone at brunch, our place, after church tomorrow. Yup that will be thunder you hear when I enter the vestibule. It’s not God yelling at me, it’s God offering a hearty welcome back.

Aren’t grandchildren the best gifts on earth?


  1. God bless Sydney and you are lucky.

    1. Hey Babe,
      Yes I am. Aren't I the one who said I was done with entertaining ????
      At least it gets my house clean.
      Have a happy muster shitsta,
      Shitsta on the hilla

  2. How much fun! Even though I'm far from grandma-hood, I will love it when babies are in my life again! I've spent the summer with friends' babies so far and it's been so much fun. My kids are teens and preteen, so I need that baby fix!

    1. Oh Jennine, there is no greater joy. As much as I adored my children, there is something about grandchildren that just melts your heart and puddles love.